Excellence By Design and Aircraft Certification

Our experience within the world-wide aviation industry is extensive, as is our in-depth knowledge of EASA, FAA and GCAA regulations.

Based on our knowledge and experience, we support both the civil and the aerospace industry. The expertise of Ziegler Aerospace covers product certification as well as certification of Modifications, both in the civil and Aviation environment.

Our services:

  • Certification of aircraft and aircraft systems, design changes and repair designs
    • Commercial Transport Aircraft Certification (EASA CS-23, EASA CS-25)
    • Certification of aircraft and aircraft systems, design changes and repair designs
    • Commercial Transport Aircraft Certification (EASA CS-23, EASA CS-25)
    • Support to obtain an ETSO Authorisation for products
    • Development of Certification Plans (including Certification Basis, Means of Compliance, and Planning)
    • Development of compliance substantiation documentation
    • Independent Compliance Verification (CVE)
    • EASA Certification of STCs, Minor Change designs and Minor Repair designs
    • Development of Design Organisation Expositions (DOE) or Manuals (DOM), processes, working procedures and instructions
    • Implementation support, internal training.
    • Perform independent internal quality and design assurance audits.
    • Execution of EASA pre-audits and EASA audit support

Why our services is the Best

Part Design

Re-engineering ‘problem’ parts to improve reliability while reducing cost, or simply designing a cost effective spare part.  Working closely with our production partners a robust supply chain is guaranteed.

Repair Design

Case specific and generic repair design approval for metallic and composite aircraft structures.  Component repair allowing for the efficient recovery of ‘BER’ and ‘no repair’ parts.

Aircraft Modification

STC and minor change approval for aircraft modification.  Our scope covers composite and metallic structures, cabin safety, aircraft interiors and hydro-mechanical systems.  From seats to slats, lavatories to liveries, please contact us with your requirement.

Consultancy Services

Verification of regulatory compliance, including physical aircraft inspection.  Part 21J start-up and development.  Be-spoke Part 21J and Part 21G training courses, groups and one-to-one.  LEAN and six sigma training.

AOG Support

Using our team of structural repair specialists, rapid recovery of damaged operational aircraft when there is a need to avert or resolve an AOG event.


We never compromise on safety.  All design activity is performed under applicable European regulations and  We are committed to quality and maintaining our exacting standards, all of our designs meet or exceed applicable certification specifications.
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Ziegler Aerospace is a Global Aerospace Company, Operating under the EASA Part 21 framework and headquartered in the United Kingdom. our experienced Engineering Team is engaged in the design and certification of Structural and Cabin Interiors repairs and modifications for all types of Large Aircraft.