Engineering Training

Comprehensive Training Program for Every Requirement

Ziegler Aerospace Technical Training offers a comprehensive range of classroom and on the job training programs relevant to industry developments and specific customer needs. Flexible, comprehensive training, as well as modular packages are available and can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements.

Ziegler Aerospace Engineering Training encompasses two broad categories:

  • Type Training
  • Non-Type Training


The wide range of Airbus industrial trainings.
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The wide range of Boeing industrial trainings.
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The wide range of Regulatory (EASA, FAA, GCAA) trainings.
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The wide range of Design and Certification trainings.
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We offers several training modules such as Airbus, Boeing and Aviation Regulations, fuel tank safety, and (EWIS).

Ziegler Aerospace is a Global Aerospace Company, Operating under the EASA Part 21 framework and headquartered in the United Kingdom. our experienced Engineering Team is engaged in the design and certification of Structural and Cabin Interiors repairs and modifications for all types of Large Aircraft.